What can I do if I want to make a complaint under this Act?

The Act provides a right of complaint to the Workplace Relations Commission where an employee believes that a contravention of the Act has occurred.

Are there any circumstances where no notice is required to be given?

The Act does not affect the right of an employer or employee to terminate a contract of employment without notice due to the misconduct of the other party.

I am working for my employer for the last three years and I think I will be made redundant soon. My employer says that they are not sure when it will happen but that I will get three weeks-notice of my redundancy, is this correct?

Due to your service with your employer, the notice period you are entitled to under the Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Acts 1973 to 2005 is two weeks-notice. Your employer is therefore giving you more notice then the Act requires. While your employer may give you more notice than the Act requires, they cannot give you less.

I am a part-time worker, am I entitled to notice that my employment is coming to an end?

Yes. Part-time workers, regardless of the number of hours worked, are also covered by the

Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Acts 1973 to 2005.

What notice do I have to be given that my employment is coming to end?

The Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Acts 1973 to 2005 provide that employees in continuous service with the same employer for at least 13 weeks are entitled to a minimum period of notice before their employer may dismiss them.


The notice periods are based on your service with your employer and are as follows:

13 weeks to less than 2 years 1 week
2 years to less than 5 years 2 weeks
5 years to less than 10 years 4 weeks
10 years to less than 15 years 6 weeks
More than 15 years 8 weeks