A SIPTU member who was represented by the   Workers Rights Centre at  the Labour Court had a significant victory   case at the High Court  in the area of reasonable accommodation for employees with a disability.  The member was involved in a serious accident in which she suffered spinal injuries which left her paralysed from the waist down. She was a special needs assistant in the Nano Nagle School in Co Limerick which is a special school for children with varying degrees of disability. The Workers Rights Centre  originally  represented the  member at  the  Labour Court where she was  successful with her claim. However the employer appealed the matter on a point of law to the High Court. The Court, in agreeing with the Labour Court position,  found that an employer who refused  to  accommodate a wheelchair bound paraplegic woman had breached its (employer) obligations to her by not considering reasonably accommodating her with alternative  work

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